The Human Nervous System and Sense Organs

Your Mark, 15th June 2019
Students who must take the recovery exam:
  • Nuria : unit 5
  • Héctor, José y Marcos: units 5 and 7
  • Alicia, Mónica and Lucía have passed the subject but units 5 and 7 are a bit disappointing so you should retake the exam to get a higher final mark
    • Lucía and Mónica: I suggest doing unit 5
    • Alicia: I suggest either unit 5 or 7 (or both)
    • LUCÍA, I need your email address to send you my answer. Tell me what time you have the appointment with the doctor, please

 School year 2017/18
Notes and tests
(1) Introduction to the Interaction Function (test)
(2) The Eye and Sight (notes and test)
(3) Hearing and Balance + Other senses (notes and test)
Answers for tests (1)+(2)+(3) altogether 
(4) Notes_Nervous System
(5) Test_Nervous System and answers

 School year 2016/17
Notes 5.1